Don’t get frustrated when you gamble

A problem that I used to have throughout my gambling career was that I would get frustrated when things weren’t going my way. I would be in an online bingo hall at balloon bingo for example, and noticing that the same person kept winning, over and over again on a certain day, while I was getting nothing by the good gods of fortune. When this happened, I would work myself up for it and start complaining in the chat room about how unfair it was that other people got to win but not me. Of course, I would have my days as well when I could win and win and win, but those times are easy to forget when you are in a bad mood.

The same thing would happen in online casino gaming where I would just keep depositing money and the slot machines would just eat them up without giving me anything in return. And let’s not get start on on online poker. You know when you have played a hand extremely well, and lured your opponent in to a trap? You’ve got him all in with you on a much stronger hand, and the dealer lay out the most unfortunate turn and river, making you lose a whole lot of money on the hand.

Now, that I’ve realized lately, is that there’s absolutely no point in getting angry when these things happen. I mean, what’s the point in getting angry over something we obviously can control. It’s not logical, and it doesn’t make sense. Say for example that you are playing football, and you miss an open goal. In that situation it would have made sense to get upset about it, it was your own screw up and you could have done it differently. If you are gambling online, the number one rule should really be to do it because you think it’s a lot of fun. You shouldn’t be playing casino games in order to get rich (trust me – there are much easier ways to becoming rich!) but rather to enjoy yourself and to get excited. You can read a good article on how to handle your emotions when you gamble at this site!

So if you are hitting a really bad streak when you are gaming online, try to enjoy it. I know this sounds weird and probably a bit stupid, but the fact is that it’s these losing streaks that makes winning so much fun. If you think about it, if you won EVERY time you gambled, do you think it would still be fun? Sure you would have been a billionaire, but anyone who is the slightest bit enlightened knows that money is not what makes us happy in this world.

If you are unable to stop feeling angry at the game and about things that are way out of your control, such as the elements of chance and randomness, simply stop playing until your anger goes away, and do something else for a while. Then start playing again another day when you feel the mood strike again! This makes online gambling so much more enjoyable!