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NEWPORT BEACH, Calif., November 2,2000 /PRNewswire/ — MPTV, Inc. (OTC BB: MPTV), a Nevada corporation, announces the signing of a loan commitment from Remington Financial Group, Inc. of Scottsdale, AZ, for additional funding of $15,000,000 to MPTV for the Lake Tropicana Timeshare project. Closing is scheduled on or before December 15, 2000.

Hurley C. Reed, CEO of MPTV, Inc. stated, “In addition to existing loan commitments, the Remington proposal will provide MPTV with favorable financing for our first mortgage. It will provide the funding to renovate the existing 40 villa units (Phase 1) while the design of the high-rise suites (Phases 2 and 3) is completed and working drawings are approved and permitted. This money will also allow us to immediately initiate our sales and marketing program.” Mr. Reed went on to emphasize, “Negotiations continue with Oxford International. Loan agreement documents have been prepared and exchanged for review by both parties’ attorneys. Once final documents have been completed and approved, the signing will take place in Las Vegas, NV.”

James M. De Masi of Remington Financial Group, Inc. stated, “A proprietary market study found demand for quality timeshare units greatly exceeds projected inventory levels in Las Vegas over the next five years. This is a great opportunity for MPTV to get inventory onto the market while demand continues to escalate. Once Phase 1 construction is complete, Remington would commit to an additional $40,000,000 for Phase 2 and 3 construction.”

Remington Financial Group assists clients in obtaining debt and equity financing from a variety of sources including: commercial banks; conduit programs; insurance companies; institutional lenders; private mortgage investors; and, private lending investors. In the process, Remington provides the following services: originating the loan process; evaluating loan options; structuring the transaction; preparing and underwriting loan request package; assistance with negotiations; and, coordination of placement and closing process.

MPTV, Inc.’s current project is the proposed Lake Tropicana Timeshare Resort and Towers located in Las Vegas, Nevada between the MGM Grand ป๊อกเด้ง ไฮโล Hotel/Casino, the Aladdin Hotel/Casino on the “Strip” and the Hard Rock Café on Paradise and Harmon Avenue. The “Harmon Corridor” is undergoing transformation with two new casino hotels and three large timeshare projects planned for this area.

Except for the historical information presented herein, the matters set forth in this press release are forward looking statements within the meaning of the “safe-harbor” provision of the Private Securities Litigation reform Act of 1995. These forward-looking statements are subject to risks and uncertainties that may cause actual results to differ materially. These forward-looking statements speak only as of the date hereof. The Company disclaims any intent or obligation to update these forward-looking statements.




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State to abolish gaming watchdog

In an admission that the regulation of gaming in Victoria has been seriously flawed for the past decade, the State Government yesterday announced plans to abolish the Victorian Casino and Gaming Authority and strip the state’s chief gaming regulator of his powers.


Amid calls for his sacking, Gaming Minister John Pandazopoulos released a government report that called for a massive overhaul of the state’s gaming laws and found the existing regulatory bodies lacked “transparency” and “accountability”.


Mr Pandazopoulos also confirmed the authority’s director of UFA gaming, betting and casino surveillance, Bill Lahey, would be redeployed in the public service in a non-statutory role after several investigations into his conduct.


“Issues have been raised about the judgment that he has made in his capacity as an independent statutory office holder,” Mr Pandazopoulos said. A spokesman for Mr Lahey, who is also chief executive of the Office of Gambling Regulation, said he was unavailable for comment. The authority’s chairman, Brian Forrest, is on leave.


Mr Pandazopoulos said the government’s review panel found the state’s gaming laws and organisational structures were confusing and ambiguous.


The panel, which is headed by a Department of Justice official, said of the authority: “The current VCGA is not seen as performing effectively and has major difficulties with its decision-making transparency and accountability.”


The panel was established by Premier Steve Bracks after a report by Ombudsman Barry Perry into Mr Lahey’s acceptance, or demand for, a $US200,000 ($364,518) payment from an American poker-machine maker he was investigating.


Dr Perry found Mr Lahey’s decision to be inappropriate and likened Victoria’s confusing gaming laws to a “bowl of spaghetti”.


Mr Pandazopoulos said the government wanted to establish a Commissioner for Gambling Regulation to replace the nine-member authority board. The commissioner will also receive assistance from two part-time commissioners. A Commissioner for Responsible Gaming has also been proposed.


“That will create more accountability, more streamlined processes, and people taking full responsibility for the decisions they make,” he said.


Opposition gaming spokesman Robert Clark said Mr Pandazopoulos knew about the payment well before he claimed and had made Mr Lahey the scapegoat for his own mistakes.


“The minister knew weeks before this payment scandal became public . . . he ought to have known it was inappropriate (but) he failed to act until the story broke,” Mr Clark said.


“He’s backed Mr Lahey every step of the way and now the minister should be going, along with his chief bureaucrat. What’s happening at the moment is a typical Yes, Minister exercise; reshuffle the bureaucrats and take the heat off the minister.”


Interchurch gambling taskforce spokesman Tim Costello said changes to Victoria’s gaming laws and regulators were long overdue and he hoped the new commissioners would be more independent.




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Ligaz11 Review of The Hand I Played

Last year the poker world lost one of its greatest advocates. In his books, magazine, and newspaper articles David Spanier entertained both those who regularly patronize the world’s poker rooms and folks those who have never set foot in one. Spanier is one of the few poker authors who is a writer first and foremost, and this is readily apparent in his books which are a true pleasure to read. Just before his death, the University of Nevada press decided to publish what will be his last contribution to the world of poker, the eerily appropriately titled book, The Hand I Played.


The Hand I Played is mostly a collection and often an elaboration of articles that Spanier had written for various publications, although several pieces appear in this book for the first time. The first section provides an insight into Spanier’s character and his early experiences that led to his fascination with gambling. The second considers the appeal of gambling to human beings as a species. The author also discusses the regulation of the casino business, advocating the protection of the gambler more so than the casinos or a government’s view of propriety. This is an enlightened view which folks with authority would be well advised to adopt.


Chapter 3 recounts Spanier’s adventures and encounters on a Caribbean poker cruise. He reacts bemusedly to folks who are more interested in playing cards than enjoying the sights of a beautiful part of the world, as well as to the fact that anyone would ask him, much less pay his way, to speak to this crowd of poker fanatics on the topic of tournament strategy. Chapter 4 is a series of articles that feature a (probably mostly) fictional home game, seen from the eyes of a player that can’t seem to make the right moves, coincidentally named Dave. Even though I don’t generally enjoy the wackier poker games that pervade home games or even descriptions of them, the novelty and skilled writing of these stories written from the point of view of the mostly hapless protagonist was quite entertaining.


Spanier next discusses his experiences with the Internet and playing ligaz11 poker on it. This isn’t a great description of the nature of ‘Net gambling, and Spanier is quick to admit his lack of technical savvy, but he manages to paint a fascinating portrait of this remarkable industry. In Chapter 6, the author presents some of his thoughts about gambling and Las Vegas in literature, considering such authors as Dostoevsky, Puzzo, and Thompson. I found his insights on this topic to be fascinating.


Before the book concludes with a description of Texas Hold’em for those who aren’t familiar with the game, Spanier describes his experiences playing in the most highly revered poker event in the world, the $10,000 No Limit Hold’em tournament at the World Series of Poker. Even though Spanier didn’t finish in the money and, by his own admission, didn’t even play terribly well, his description of his trip and the folks he encountered is both entertaining and oddly moving. Although tragicly cut short, it’s a fitting coda to his writing career.


The Hand I Played won’t help one’s poker game very much, but I greatly enjoyed reading it. Spanier’s observations about the game are insightful and his descriptions are entertaining. The one objection I have with the book is its price. It’s unfortunate that the University of Nevada Press thinks that it needs to charge nearly $20 for a book that most other publishing houses would sell for closer to $10. Even though this book costs more than I think it should, it is entertaining enough to be worth it. I recommend this book.



It’s a true tragedy that David Spanier’s brilliant writing career was cut short. However, his final book, The Hand I Played, is a fitting coda to the life of one of the most literate poker writers to ever describe the game. There isn’t much in the way of practical poker advice in this collection of stories, but it’s highly entertaining nonetheless. While it’s a little unfortunate that the publisher believes it needs to charge a premium for this book, it’s worth it.




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Situs Judi Bola

Does Bingo.com Have the Answer to Situs Judi Bola players ?

“Poker players might argue that there isn’t much skill involved in bingo, but that’s the way the law sees it.”

Online gambling exists in a bit of a gray area at the moment, and is even illegal in some jurisdictions. But one company is hoping that its new online gaming product will offer players a safe (and popular) alternative.

Bingo.com has just announced the test launch of a new pay-to-play online bingo game that gives players a chance to win real money. But pay to play sounds a lot like gambling. So how does the company stay on the right side of the law? By calling bingo a game of skill.

The Bingo.com site was launched about a year and a half ago and quickly become one of the most heavily trafficked sites on the web, with more than 750,000 members. Play has been free (there will likely still be free games alongside pay-to-play games), and there are a wide variety of themed bingo games to choose from.

Up to this point, Bingo.com has rewarded winning players with Bingo Bucks. These Bingo Buck have no cash value, but could be redeemed for retail goods through a partnership with GiftCertificates.com.

But the introduction of pay-to-play games and real-money prizes has changed that, and in the process made the site appear – at least in passing – like a gambling site. That’s where the all-important ‘skill’ aspect comes into the equation.

Casino games and Situs Judi Bola gambling itself are by definition games of chance – the outcome depends on luck. Several states and countries are trying to ban, or have banned, online casinos that offer games of chance.

But according to Bingo.com, the games it offers depend on skill rather than chance. That means bingo isn’t gambling, and therefore can’t be illegal (in most jurisdictions, anyway. But that’s another article.) The issue of pay-to-play and any similarities to online gambling become moot points now that these aren’t games of chance.

Poker players might argue that there isn’t much skill involved in bingo, but that’s the way the law sees it. And that’s what Bingo.com is banking on.

The big difference between online casino games and games of skill, from the player perspective at least, will be the reward. Casinos offer better payouts than games of skill because games of skill have maximums on winnings; skilled players would clean out operators if there weren’t limits.

Bingo.com’s beta tests are being conducted by a select group of players and will last for a few weeks. Other companies have also launched similar products, but only time will tell if games of skill are the way of the future.

Now, if someone could just convince the politicians that Blackjack was a game of skill…

Aspinalls.com Launches Big-payout Slots

from Aspinalls.com – As part of its commitment to providing its members with the ultimate gaming experience, Aspinalls.com has launched two big-payout slot machines at its Caribbean Casino. This brings the total number of games at Aspinalls.com’s Caribbean and London Casinos to an impressive 26.

‘Tropical Paradise’ is a 5-reel slot machine with stakes ranging from $0.05 to $0.25 per line, offering a maximum win of over $60,000. ‘The Magnificent Sevens’ is a 3-reel multi-payline slot machine, with a maximum payout of $20,000, and players can bet on up to 5 lines with a maximum stake of $5.

Aspinalls Online plc, which takes one of the world’s great casino names onto the Internet, is the first online-only casino business to be publicly traded.

Russell Foreman, CEO of Aspinalls Online plc, said, “We believe in offering our members an unrivalled choice of casinos and games, supported by superb customer service, first-class promotions and incentives and a valuable loyalty program.”

Until August 7, all new members who register and download the Aspinalls.com software will automatically be entered into a prize draw to win an exclusive VIP trip for two to Las Vegas, worth over $21,000. In addition, every new member who deposits and plays his or her first $50 will automatically receive a pair of designer cufflinks in the form of silver-plated playing dice, worth $70.

Potential players simply need to log onto Aspinalls.com, download the Caribbean or London Casino and register for free membership of Aspinalls.com. The software can be downloaded directly from the site or installed from a free CD-ROM.


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George’s Pkv Premiership Predictions



The Premiership continues on after the final week of regular Euro 2016 qualification games.


In the Premiership Jurgen Klopp will be in charge of Liverpool in his first match away at Spurs. Brendan Rogers was sacked before the international break which is so often the case for managers on the edge. How will his German replacement fare in the Premier League?


Manchester City are at home to Pkv newcomers Bournemouth and even without David Silva and Sergio Aguero should be too strong at home. Manchester United travel to Goodison after a poor game away to Arsenal, Chelsea face a disappointing Aston Villa while high-flying Palace are at home to fellow Londoners West Ham.


Saturday, 17 October 2015


Tottenham 1 v Liverpool 3

Chelsea 2 v Aston Villa 0

Crystal Palace 2 v West Ham 1

Everton 2 v v Man Utd 1

Watford 1 v Arsenal 2

Man City 3 v Bournemouth 1

Southampton 2 v Leicester 0

West Brom 0 Sunderland 1


Sunday, 19 October 2015


Newcastle 1 v Norwich 2


Monday, 20 October 2015


Swansea 1 v Stoke 0


Klopp To Top Last Season’s Sixth Spot?


Jurgen Klopp takes his new side to White Hart Lane this weekend with bet365 betting on Liverpool’s finishing position this season.

England Euro 2016 hopefuls Harry Kane and Daniel Sturridge will be going head-to-head in north London with the Spurs man quoted at 5/2 to outscore his Liverpool counterpart.


2015/16 Premier League – Where Will Liverpool Finish

1st 33/1 2nd 20/1 3rd 12/1 4th 5/1

5th 7/2 6th 11/2 7th+ 11/8

90 Minutes Betting

Tottenham 6/4 Draw 5/2 Liverpool 2/1

Tottenham v Liverpool – 90 Minute Goals Match Bet 17th Oct

Harry Kane 5/2 Tie 4/5 Daniel Sturridge 3/1

(Both must start)


Soccer – Ranieri reveals Saints talks


Leicester City manager Claudio Ranieri has said that he held talks with Southampton last year about becoming Saints boss before he took charge of Greece. The former Chelsea and Valencia manager endured a dreadful time with the Greeks, who have failed to qualify for the Euro 2016 finals. Ranieri lost his job after only four months in charge of the Euro 2004 winners before being named as the new Foxes boss this summer. “I was interested, but after that there was also the Greece job – and I made a mistake,” admitted the Italian. Southampton face Leicester this weekend and Saints are 1/2 with bet365 to be the first team to score in the St Mary’s clash and 6/4 to keep a clean sheet in the game.


Soccer – Mourinho confident Chelsea’s fortunes will change


Chelsea head coach Jose Mourinho has predicted that his side will soon start climbing the table. Last season’s Premier League champions have made a dismal start to the defence of their title, losing four of their first eight matches, and are 16th in the table ahead of this weekend’s game against Aston Villa. However, Mourinho is certain that his side will soon start to put some wins on the board. He said: “Every game is a must-win game and, when we don’t win, it’s always a frustration, but we cannot run away from the reality of the situation. “We need to win matches, for us, for the Chelsea supporters. We are not going to be relegated – in a couple of months we will be in a position we want to be in.” Chelsea are 5/6 with bet365 to keep a clean sheet against Villa and 21/10 to be leading 1-0 at half-time at Stamford Bridge.


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situs poker online terpercaya

Bettors remain seated, please

Coming soon to the living rooms of Mr. And Mrs. Heartland USA, is TVG Network’s Interactive Horse Racing channel, which will allow any palooka smart enough to push the power button enough clout to wager on the sport of kings without stepping down from the La-Z-Boy.

Founded in 1999, with fewer than a million homes watching the horse races, TVG now is seen in 14 million homes and change. Last year it drew in $303 million in bets, which was nearly double the $148 million in nabbed in 2002.

The money was made via either the telephone or the Internet. It was not enough for the growing company, which will introduce its new vice via the Dish Network into 10 million households next month.

While the Federal Communications Commission has blessed this action, the legality of sports wagering in the United States is as murky as the bottom of Lake Arrowhead.

With the partial passage of the Internet Gambling Enforcement Act in the House of Representatives in October, Congress hoped to pull a knife across the carotid artery of illegal wagering in the homes of Mr. and Mrs. Heartland U.S.A.

The legislators did not count on horse players being allowed to use the TV remote as a betting tool, which raises the question: What does this mean for other types of bettors mainly those who wager onother sports?

The answer so far is silence from those in the white halls of Washington D.C., but not from the profiteers in San Jose, Costa Rica.

“If TVG pulls this off, we can’t imagine what it will mean for our business,’ said a man named Steve, who works for NASA Sportsbook, one of the main online betting networks run out of Costa Rica’s capital.

“Americans watch a lot of television, and as far as we see it, this means they will be using it to wager on the NFL and other venues. It’s already happening in Australia and Hong Kong, so why not? The concern we have is that it could seriously cripple our capital.’

Asked how much it would hurt, Steve was reluctant to reveal any situs poker online terpercaya figures.

He didn’t have to. A study conducted by the Los Angeles County Sheriff’s Department in 2002 revealed how lucrative online sports betting have become for companies such as NASA. In Los Angeles County alone, Internet betting amounts to a $2 billion a yearindustry.

One only can imagine how much that would increase after the electronic wasteland becomes littered with this new device.

If there is an irony in this muddled affair, it is that residents in Nevada will be shutout from the TV betting game. It is illegal for them to gamble online or by television in the privacy of their own homes.

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Bandar Togel Hongkong

Estonia win edges England closer to EURO 2008 for Bandar Togel Hongkong



After months of real uncertainty and voices of doom, England’s qualification for Euro 2008 looks ever more likely now after the three lions cruised past Estonia 3-0 at Wembley on Saturday.


Steve McClaren can sleep that bit easier than when England succumbed lamely 2-0 in Croatia a year ago, only days after tying the mighty Macedonia 0-0 at home.


First-half strikes from Shaun-Wright Phillips, Wayne Rooney and an own goal by Estonia’s Taavi Rahn sent England into a 3-0 lead with 33 minutes on the clock and the contest was as good as over.


The pre-match atmosphere was far from tense. Confidence in English fans was high following the Wembley win over Russia in September and the media were far more interested in the England rugby team’s World Cup semifinal against France in Paris that night than the football team’s clash with Estonia.


McClaren’s men profited from being out of the spotlight for once and looked relaxed as they eased into a comfortable lead in the first half before turning on the auto-pilot.


Steven Gerrard and Joe Cole spurned chances to extend England’s lead in the second half while the visitors failed to create any genuine opportunities to reduce the deficit.


The real talking points emerging from the game concerned McClaren’s team selection and England’s chances of pulling off a win on the artificial surface in Russia on Wednesday.


Portsmouth’s Sol Campbell donned an England shirt for the first time in 16 months and performed creditably, but former Arsenal teammate Ashley Cole was worryingly stretchered off just after the second half began and will be on the sidelines in Moscow.



Everton’s Phil Neville should replace him then as he did on Saturday, although Chelsea colleague John Terry, Bandar Togel Hongkong is still hopeful of returning from injury in time for the big game in Russia.


The Wembley crowd of 86,655 also responded negatively to the insertion of Frank Lampard in the 70th minute in place of Michael Owen.


There was no call for such boorishness. McClaren had already done the right and popular thing in picking in the in-form Aston Villa man Gareth Barry from the start ahead of Lampard, whose displays for his country have, in the unanimous opinion, left a lot to be desired.


In addition, Owen was due for replacement on the day after struggling to spring the offside trap set by the Estonian backline, and Lampard was the logical replacement as an advanced and attacking midfielder.


England are now five points clear of third-place Russia in Group E with two games remaining, well aware a win in Moscow on Wednesday would guarantee them second place behind the Croats and a place in the finals.


Russia were well beaten 0-3 by England at Wembley in September and will be itching for revenge. The Field Turf surface at the Luzhniki Stadium will give Guus Hiddink’s team a slight advantage, but not as much as the expected sell out crowd of over 84,000 could.


Croatia kept up the pressure on the two nations just below them with a 1-0 win over Israel in Zagreb. The Croats, three points ahead of England, travel to Macedonia on Wednesday before concluding their campaign at Wembley on the 21st of Novermber.


Russia, with a game in hand, have still to travel to Israel and Andorra, and are well aware that a win over England on Wednesday will put them in the driving seat for second place and a ticket to the finals.





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Andar Qiu Qiu

Korea: Goalless In Andar Qiu Qiu Seoul



It’s all gone wrong for FC Seoul. As world leagues go, the K may be a low-scoring one but no goals in the last 582 minutes is not what the club had in mind when seemingly defensive-minded coach Lee Jang-soo was jettisoned at the end of Andar Qiu Qiu last season for the supposedly attacking Senol Gunes.


In the middle of March however, Gunes was starting to think that the whole East Asia thing was a walk in the park. Not only did he steer Turkey to third place in at the 2002 World Cup, he won his first five games in South Korea without conceding a goal.


Three of those games were in the league and not surprisingly, FC Seoul were top of the standings. March 18 seems like a long time ago but that was when the team last scored a K-League goal. Six games later – two defeats and four goalless draws- and only the ineptitude of others keeps the capital outfit in the relatively lofty position of fifth.


The Turk was, and still is, the story of the season though headlines tend to include the word ‘crisis’ these days and it is becoming less and less of a surprise when Seoul add another 90 minutes to their unwanted collection.


Also unwelcome for the 2002 UEFA Coach of the Year is the number of injuries his players. Most of the team’s strikers have been struggling for fitness though with creativity drying up in midfield, they weren’t getting many chances anyway.


“Of course the most important thing is victory but I will try to give fans football that they can love. I like Barcelona. They always play at a high tempo as well as with a good strategy. I want to adopt that model as the one for my team. About a month after the season starts, fans will be able to see the kind of football I want,” said Gunes just before the season started.


In fact after a month of the season, fans were seeing the kind of football that they had seen many times before.


Korean fans are usually patient but there have been signs of discontent. Gunes’s refusal to play mercurial Portuguese playmaker and crowd favourite Ricardo Nascimento is not going down well in north-west Seoul.


These days a large banner can be seen featuring the long-haired midfielder can be seen behind the goal, with the words “Please Use” emblazoned across it.


Something similar written across the back of the net may be useful.


As expected, champions Seongnam Ilhwa Chunma are experiencing no such problems. After nine games, the seven-time title-winners are the only unbeaten team and lead Suwon Samsung Bluewings by three points.


Gyeongnam FC are the surprise package and sit in third. Another surprise is the performances of two title favourites Pohang Steelers and Ulsan Hyundai Horang-I. The south-eastern pair sit in eighth and ninth respectively.


Asian Cup


South Korean cup Pim Verbeek was hit with a double whammy in the second half of April when it was announced that Lee Young-pyo and Park Ji-sung had both undergone knee operations and were both highly doubtful for the Asian Cup.


Lee was the first to go under the knife after injuring knee ligaments against Sevilla in the UEFA Cup. The under-rated Tottenham left-back had been in consistent form for the London club and his experience, versatility and talent will be missed if he doesn’t return in time for the Jakarta games against Saudi Arabia, Bahrain and Indonesia.


The same can be said of his former PSV Eindhoven partner in crime. Park was in fine form for United and had just scored his third goal in two games when he collected the injury against Blackburn Rovers.


Initial reports suggested that there was little to be concerned about as the May 5 Manchester Derby was penciled in for his return. It was not to be and the 26 year-old flew to America for an operation and, if Manchester United can be beleived, won’t be back until August.


Seoul United.


It may not be of much interest to Ben Johnson, but his ‘victory’ in the 1988 Olympic 100 metre race is still the most famous sporting moment that has been witnessed in Seoul Olympic Stadium.


On April 25, at the same cavernous arena which stands on the south bank of the Han River, a South Korean third division football game between Seoul United and Changwon Dudae FC proved to be a slightly more low-key affair than the race which sent shockwaves around the world almost 19 years ago.


It was still historic. Just a few metres away from the spot where the vacant-eyed Canadian crossed the finish line; a white football rolled over the halfway line to signal the start of Seoul United’s life as a football club in the K3 league.

With some of the 14 teams in the top tier K-League struggling to attract fans, those that do battle two divisions further down the ladder would probably expect to be watched by no more than the players’ family or friends but April 21 was different. Among the dignitaries present were KFA President and FIFA Vice-President Chung Mong-joon and national team coach Pim Verbeek.


It may have been the official launch of the league but the day was all about Seoul United. The club’s name and its Newcastle United/Juventus-like black-and-white stripes shirts have been around the capital and its football scene since the turn of the century. That was when the idea of a “people’s club” for Seoul was born.


In a K-League dominated by clubs backed by big business, those people set about creating the first club that would be run by the fans. Followers could become shareholders in Seoul United and would take the decisions. Dismissed as romantics and dreamers by some in the media, the game against Changwon was vindication for those who had worked so hard. It was only the first step and it will be a long time before there is a chance of seeing the black and white stripes in the top flight of Korean football.


The K3 division is an amateur league and consists of ten teams. There is, as yet, no promotion to the second tier league in the country – known as the National League. However, the KFA will allow four or six K3 clubs into the FA Cup later in the year with the chance of facing one of the big boys from the K-League.


For the moment, it is time to focus on building a team and a season. The result wasn’t the most important aspect of the day but an entertaining game finished 2-2.

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judi slot

Intertops announces the opening of the RED Judi Slot casino



The new partnership of Intertops with Realtime Gaming (abbreviated as RTG) has given players an opportunity to play for the biggest jackpots currently available for US citizens.


The new casino RED casino presented by Intertops features large jackpot pools standing at about 4 millions dollars, which are available for players over the world, including US. Jackpot at Pinatas slots is valued at $1.3 million and is considered the biggest jackpot that American players can access.

Clients of the Green Casino, also managed by Intertops, will face friendly atmosphere and smooth gambling. They will be awarded with bonuses and loyalty points and will be able to withdraw their cash whenever they feel like it. If players want to switch to the Red casino they won’t have to get another account.


Michael Posch said that this important step Intertops has taken is oriented to new American judi slot gamblers as well as those who have proved their loyalty over 10 years.


Both instant and downloadable versions of more than 300 games are featured by the Intertops Red Casino. There are such classic games as blackjack, keno and roulette as well as multi-hand video poker among those.


All customers playing at the Red Casino during May will be automatically enrolled into the free beneficial program. Every day 20 players will be randomly selected and given $50.


The Michigan House goes in for a smoking ban


casinos, smoking ban, online gambling, gambling gamesThe Michigan House was busy solving the problem of a smoking ban at workplaces. The main question was: which lives should be saved and which not? All members of the House spoke with a single voice for the smoking ban at all workplaces over the state except casinos. They thought they had done great work during that day.


Lee Gonzalez declared that the first thin the House cares about is public health. The smoking ban will be most likely to prevent hundreds of deaths. However why casinos aren’t included in the ban is not clear. The House seems to ignore the fact that their actions may entail undesirable consequences.


The plan was sent to the Senate, where all members supported the idea of laying a ban on smoking at all public places with no exceptions. Once again, public health is their priority one. Nevertheless, casino owners are indignant at the decision of the Senate. Why don’t they take into account the potential for income decreases?


Michigan is not the only state where the problem of a smoking ban is given higher priority to. For example, North Carolina, the state that specializes in the manufacture of tobacco, decided that public health is by far the most important issue.


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A Drog with two Bandarqq ricks



Occasionally, a person can become so synonymous with a certain action that the English language will evolve as a result. For example, if the sight of anything Portuguese sends you into a psychotic rage, you’re ‘doing a Rooney’, if your alcoholic wife beats you up due to unresolved rage issues, she’s ‘knocked out a Gerry’, and if you pay six times over the correct market value for a mediocre footballer, you’ve ‘pulled a Fergie’.


We’ve all been had in the net on the odd occasion, but Fergie has bought more turkeys than Sainsbury’s in recent years. Michael Carrick is the latest addition to a list that includes Kleberson, Forlan, Veron and my personal favourite, the Djemba brothers. After blowing an incredible £18.6m on the talented but ultimately limited midfielder, Sir Alex has once again been tucked up like a sleeping baby.


Fulham can continue the theme of stitching up the purple-nosed one. Rooney’s a fitness doubt for the Old Trafford opener; after reading his autobiography, it comes Bandarqq as no surprise that he’s struggling with a groin injury. Fulham scored twice against Man U in both of their meetings last season, 12/1 about a shock is just too big.


If Martin Jol has finished laughing, he’ll take his Tottenham team to a tricky match at the Reebok. Jol has bought and sold exceptionally well in the summer, with Berbatov and Zokora being standout additions to the squad. Zokora believes he can be the ‘Vieira of the Lane’; expect him to be completely outplayed by Fabregas when they meet Arsenal. Tottenham are a decent team, but they always struggle against Bolton (they’ve lost six of their last seven league matches); I can’t see past the draw at 9/4.


The Liverpool players will be pleased to hear that Neil Warnock is banned from the touchline when they visit Bramall Lane, although this may not stop Warnock from launching threatening paper aeroplanes from the stand. Liverpool’s reserves saw off a full strength Chelsea last week, their first team receive the nap of the week award at a healthy 4/7.


Wigan manager Paul Jewell is a jovial character, but something tells me he won’t be smiling after his team take a mullering at St James’ Park. Wigan faced Newcastle on three occasions last season, the team playing at home won every match. Dull, but true. Wigan have Heskey, Newcastle have the points in the bag at 8/11.


Everton must be backed at 8/13 at home to new boys Watford. The partnership of Beattie and Johnson looks promising; Beattie can win the flick-ons to allow AJ to go down to ‘earn’ the penalty. Watford have visited Goodison Park on nine previous occasions, they’ve lost every time.


Gareth Southgate has been busy in the transfer market, the signing of Julio Arca for less than £2m looks an inspired piece of business. Reading are nicknamed the Royals, and like their German counterparts in Buckingham Palace, they’ll remain pointless on Saturday night. I do like the Boro at 9/5.


The Villa fans are a lot like me, happiness can be gained from just one little Yank. The Villa have lost at Highbury for the last eight years, it’s a good job this one is being played at the Emirates, they’re unbeaten there. There’s a momentum behind the Villa thanks to the takeover (I was a Randy Lerner once) and the arrival of Martin ‘The Saviour’ O’Neill; it would be folly to invest in the Gunners at 3/10. A red card in the match is on offer at 7/2; Graeme Poll is ‘officiating’, so you’re 50% less likely to collect.


Michael Ballack was substituted after 25 minutes in the Community Shield, I know what it’s like to finish prematurely, it’s no picnic. Four of the previous six matches between Chelsea and Man City have finished 1-0, with Drogba almost certain to squander a couple of chances; a repeat of the 1-0 scoreline at 6/1 looks a decent wager. If Ballack and Shevchenko both start, I’d rather be on a 2-0 stroll for the Champions at a healthy 11/2.


Last week’s accer hit both posts and the bar before being cleared off the line, this week’s will fly straight in the top corner. Liverpool, Everton, Newcastle, Middlesbrough and Chelsea are the chosen ones, the accer will pay out at 14/1 when successful.


The weekend specials:


“Tim’ll fix it” – Cahill to score with a header 11/2

“Young a tart” – Luke Young to be booked for diving 16/1

“A bitter Lehmann” – Aston Villa to score a goal Evs

“Duff’ll bag” – Damien Duff to score two or more goals 9/1


The quote of the week:


“What I’m looking for is flexibility.”

Steve McClaren knows the score.


The probably misheard quote of the week:


“I’m internally grateful to Steve McClaren.”

Dean Ashton desperately wanted that cap.


The lay man:


You’ve got to love the betting exchanges. People are lining up to back Arsenal at 1/3; if you ‘lay’ that bet, you’re effectively backing either the draw or a Villa win at 3/1. Happy, happy days.




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